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Volvo Cairns

Volvo Cairns

project profile

Location: Bungalow Qld
Client: Collins Constructions
Contract Value: $135,175
Construction Period: 10 months
Description of works: Our installation of external cladding for the Volvo Cairns project has been a testament to our commitment to quality and precision. This commercial showroom demanded nothing less than the highest standards, and our team was up to the task. The Volvo Cairns showroom is a stunning example of a contemporary commercial space, with its key feature being the remarkable elevation and expansive external windows. These windows provide an unobstructed view of the ongoing traffic, allowing visitors to get an immersive look into the showroom, creating a captivating experience for all.


Problem / Solutions:

Working on this project, we encountered specific challenges that required innovative solutions. The hot and humid weather in the Cairns region posed a significant challenge. This environment demanded specialized exterior cladding that could withstand the relentless elements while preserving the aesthetic and functionality of the showroom. Our team addressed this challenge with a comprehensive approach, ensuring that the cladding materials were not only weather-resistant but also energy-efficient, providing an enduring solution to the weather-related issues.

Our Solution / Our Management:

Our solution involved the careful selection of cladding materials designed to endure the hot and humid conditions of Cairns. We meticulously managed the installation process, paying keen attention to the correct positioning and sealing of the cladding. Our team worked in harmony with architects and contractors who specialize in cladding design, ensuring that the showroom’s elevation and external windows remained unobstructed while preserving the showroom’s aesthetic appeal.

Client Benefit / Value Adding:

The installation of external cladding for the Volvo Cairns showroom has added immense value for our client. The showroom now stands as a shining example of a modern and captivating commercial space. The specialized cladding not only withstands the region’s challenging weather conditions but also contributes to energy efficiency, making the showroom cost-effective in the long run. With the external windows offering an unhindered view of the ongoing traffic, visitors have a unique and immersive experience, attracting more potential customers. Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail have significantly contributed to the project’s overall success.