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project profile

location: Trinity Beach QLD
Client: La Spina Homes
Contract Value: $100,000
Construction Period: 2 years
Description of works: Located in the breathtaking setting of Trinity Beach, our project involved a complete transformation of a 1990s dual occupancy building into a contemporary, family-friendly masterpiece. We embarked on an extraordinary journey, combining our expertise in combing stamp concrete, timber feature ceilings, and plastering to craft a space that exudes excellence and providing an earthly ambiance.


Problem / Solutions:

Facing the unique challenges of a beachfront location, we were entrusted with preserving the original structure while modernizing it. Our mission was clear: seamlessly blend old and new, in line with the project’s breathtaking vision. This meant realigning ceiling levels, straightening walls, and meticulously restoring window reveals and bulkheads. These intricate tasks demanded precision. The coastal setting, with its corrosive saltwater effects, required us to select materials wisely and apply protective measures.

Our Solution / Our Management:

In addressing the coastal challenges of this project, we meticulously selected materials capable of withstanding the harsh coastal elements while preserving structural integrity. This strategic material selection was essential in our journey to not only overcome but excel in an environment where nature’s forces meet contemporary design. Alongside this, we undertook the intricate task of realigning ceiling levels, straightening walls, and meticulously restoring window reveals and bulkheads back into level.

Client Benefit / Value Adding:

The transformation not only rejuvenated the building but also added immense value for our client. The contemporary design and family-friendly features have made the property more attractive and functional. The strategic use of the dry stack stone walls and other carefully selected finishes elevated the overall aesthetic and created a warm, inviting atmosphere. We’re proud to announce that this house was awarded the Master Builders House of the Year, a testament to our dedication to quality and design.