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project profile

location: Tinana QLD
Client: Croft Developments
Contract Value: $2,303,400
Construction Period: 7 Months
Description of works: The contemporary design comprises a total of 180 beds with ensuites, spacious lounge rooms, servery kitchens, an activity room, modern café, salon, and cinema. These tranquil spaces have been designed to the highest standards to meet the clients’ expectations. The dining rooms feature Coffered Bulkhead Ceilings, generate ambient lighting and creating added warmth in the space. Feature Cornice was used in the corridors and living rooms to break away from the minimalist look. Resilient Sound Clips were used to soundproof walls by decoupling one side of the structure from the other on the exterior of the building, allowing each side to vibrate independently and drastically cut down on the sound transfer.


Problem / Solutions:

Balancing the workload during the harsh floods that inundated the township of Maryborough proved to be extreme. Staff and material shortages were a tough reality and our team successfully worked around 2–3-week delays by reviewing schedules to facilitate the contracted works to be executed during the scheduled time provided by the client.

Our Solution / Our Management:

Supervisors and Managers worked closely with our team conducting countless onsite and offsite meetings using video calls. This proved to be a successful factor in observing and dealing with the challenges that laid ahead. With tight deadlines looming, all team members worked together illustrating the onsite leadership and expert workmanship that GATA Plastering Qld is renowned for. 

Client Benefit / Value Adding:

Our Project Administration staff worked closely with our client and on-site management team ensuring all documentation was registered and filed accordingly leaving margin for any delays or headaches to be dealt with seamlessly. Croft Developments was extremely impressed to see all our crew cooperating effortlessly in the execution of this large project in due time considering the circumstances. Croft Developments have become a valued a partner of GATA Plastering Qld as they have seen added value added to their company by GATA Plastering Qld’s ability to manage their projects to the highest degree, enabling Croft Developments to concentrate their time and effort on other important parts of the project. Their confidence in GATA Plastering Qld to be fully up to date with industry standards and manufacturer recommendations of product and installation procedures leaving no doubt in their mind of quality of project being delivered to them.