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project profile

location: Cairns QLD
Client: Rubicon
Contract Value: $445,300
Construction Period: 10 Months
Description of works: Brothers Leagues Club Expansion includes a brad-new European alfresco design café, offering an abundance of natural light created from floor to ceiling windows. The café offers a modern dining experience lifted by the perforated acoustic ceilings and curve bulkhead and walls. A new dedicated sports bar was expanded to increase space and comfort and the restaurant was refurbished with the finest detail enhancing the new bars atmosphere. The eye-opening new design brings a feeling of warmth and comfort to everyone in the general community.


Problem / Solutions:

Ensuring the fire rating steel was measured and conducted correctly was the highlight of this project. Working closely deciphering and renewing plans with the supplier to fit the contract schedule with the greatest of professionalism proved to be one of our finest assignments.

Our Solution / Our Management:

Managements approach in providing full dedication conducting variations proved to be a noble challenge and a great example of teamwork. Various onsite meetings were conducted to ensure the focus on detail was kept to the highest standard whilst providing extensive dedication to variations of all categories. 

Client Benefit / Value Adding:

Exceptional problem solving skills were displayed during the re design and construction of this project. Our Project Administration team worked closely with supervisors to enable fast tracking of variations and their progress to ensure correct documentation was provided to the client for effortless revision and approvals through the duration of this project.